Cryptopoints Manager

Cryptopoints Manager is a gamification style point management system where users can earn points on a WordPress site by completing tasks specified by the site administrator. Users earn their points by regularly logging in, posting comments, sharing on social media and creating posts. As users increase points, their ranking also increases and is displayed using ready-to-go widgets. The best part of all (this is where cryptocurrency comes in to play); users can receive cryptocurrency rewards based on their accumulated points and leaderboard ranking!’s solution combines software with gamification techniques to empower site operators and developers to rapidly create positive environments to promote cryptocurrency usage and adoption into their existing business strategy with minimal effort. When develops user friendly applications, the community gains new opportunities to embed cryptocurrency technology into their system with minimal effort.

Cryptopoints Manager works by distributing cryptocurrency to the registered users of a WordPress site using their wallet addresses which they add to their profiles. The WordPress administrator has complete control over the amounts of funds paid out and the frequency. To make the process as simple as possible, the administrator doesn't have to install a wallet on the WordPress site itself because the funds are stored offsite on a remote server of the administrator’s choosing; completely under the administrator's control.

Cryptopoints Manager is currently in closed beta development at and is open to registered users to participate. currently has over 800 registered users which provides more than adequate stress testing necessary to ensure stability and reliability in an active platform. If you're interested in participating in the closed beta, head on over to and register for an account.

Installation Instructions


  • Reward users with real cryptocurrency
  • Supports manual & scheduled payouts events
  • Supports fixed and random payout amounts
  • Easily adjust user points from one to all users
  • Easily set leaderboard ranking
  • Reward users for visiting your site frequently

  • Build site traffic
  • Drive deeper site engagement using social promotion
  • Super easy deployment
  • Keep logs of payout events
  • Built-in widget to display user points and leaderboard ranking